Hi, I'm Chris. You've stumbled upon my blog and website. It's a simple place where I write some things and hold links to other places that I'd like to remember. You'll find me writing or working on things related to developer tooling, primarily with Neovim and Scala, talking about music, or sharing stuff I find interesting. I have a varied background, including growing up on a farm in the United States and having a M.A. in International Relations. I first got started in tech as I was finishing grad school, and I haven't really looked back since. I'm currently located in the Netherlands with my wife and working at Lunatech, where they are kind enough to lend me out to the Scala Center where I work full-time on Scala tooling.

You can take a look at the projects I work on here on GitHub find me on Mastodon, Twitter, or streaming on Twitch.

Over the years this site has taken many shapes ranging from a custom JS framework powered site, one that fully tracked all my free time, to ultimately the minimal shape you see it in now. It will continue to change and grow as I do.

Thanks for stopping by.