Music of the Month - April 2022

I missed March for no other reason than I just forgot about it. However, this past month I had a few weeks off, and spent a good amount of time relaxing, thinking about the future, and of course listening a to a lot of music. I found my music all over the place this month, so I honestly could have picked a number of albums and songs. However, here are a couple that stood out to me this month.

Album of the Month

I listen to a fair amount of classical and 4 Seasons by Vivaldi has always been a favorite of mine as cliche as it sounds. My wife and I even had a chunk of it played at our wedding, it was one of my favorite live performances I've seen when visiting Paris in Saint-Chapelle, and the rendition I'm about to suggest is just incredible. Max Richter is such a gifted composer and beautiful human being. This past month was the ten year anniversary of his Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, which is my album of the month this month.

Due to it being the anniversary he released some new videos of the performance which are fantastic.

Song of the Month

I started to listen to quite a bit of lofi when I started coding, and then led to just me listing to a lot of lofi. I've found a lot of interesting artists out there, but I find Mishaal really interesting since in his songs you'll find a mix of Spanish, Arabic, and English due to his background. The song of the month for me this month is Kid Goku by Mishaal and Masked Man.

See you next month... unless I forget again