Music of the Month - August 2022

A very busy last month. I found myself gravitating toward a lot of my favorites, but also enjoying some new albums I stumbled across. I hope you enjoy what I have for you this month.

Album of the Month

For a while I listed to a ton of lofi. I've always enjoyed music without lyrics, and lofi often fit my mood when I wanted something chill to code or relax to. One of my favorite older lofi albums was the Harbor LP by tomppabeats. However, they haven't released a new full-length album in years. This was part of the reason I was so excited to see a new album from them drop this month. Habits is the album of the month for me this month.

Song of the Month

Last month I listed a Moya by Godspeed You! Black Emperor as my song of the month. In part, that led me to listen to a ton more of GY!BE this past month. In general, I think Efrim Menuck is just a genius. If you're a GY!BE fan you may have also heard of A Silver Mt. Zion, which is project of Menucks with some of the same members of GY!BE. The song 13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed is one of my favorites of theirs and is the song of the month for me this month.

See you next month