Music of the Month - Jan 2022

This is the first post of a monthly series I'd like to do where I share the music I've enjoyed over the past month. My music tastes are all over the place and I've found that it's often a good picture of my mood that month, what I've been going through, or just what I've been enjoying. These won't necessarily be new albums or songs, but whatever I find myself listening to a lot during the month. At the end of the month I'll pick an album I felt left a mark and a song that has been my "favorite". Give it a listen, and let's talk music.

Album of the Month

My album of the month for January is It's Nice Outside by Anti-Lilly & Phoniks. This album came out of nowhere for me. I wasn't aware of them at all before this month and I don't even remember how I got turned onto it. I heard Every Season first, and then I was hooked. The entire album just rattles through making it through tough times and coming out of the other side. The lyrics are raw, but balanced with Anti-Lilly's positive outlook. This is such a fantastic album.

Song of the Month

A song that I found made me pause almost every time it came on this month was A-001 by Corntuth off their album Music to Work To. January is also a pretty reflective month for me as I look back at the previous year and plan for the current. This song definitely facilitated some of that for me this month.

See you next month