Music of the Month - July 2022

So I've finally stepped away from Jazz a bit this past month probably because it was a bit hectic for me. Typically when it's hectic I find myself floating back to more familiar records that bring familiarity and comfort.

Album of the Month

During this past month I watched Stranger Things for the very first time, and there are a handful of scenes that play Jim Croce. Growing up my Dad listened to a ton of "oldies" so a lot of these artists from the 60s and 70s remind me of good ol days on the farm where I grew up working with my Dad. Therefore, the album of the month for me is the classic You Don't Mess Around With Jim.

Song of the Month

It's hard to explain Godspeed You! Black Emperor, GY!BE, to someone that's not familiar with them. My "Music of the Month" series hasn't really shown it, but one of my most-listened to genres is post-rock. Every since I discovered Explosions in the Sky in high school, they genre has meant a lot to me. GY!BE has some incredible albums. They're slow burners, so some of them really take time to get into and maybe even more time to appreciate. 20 minute songs are the norm. This month one that I've found myself listening to over and over is Moya from the record Slow Riot from New Zero Kanada. Again, if you've never listened to them before, take a seat, make sure to listen to the whole thing, and enjoy.

See you next month