Music of the Month - May 2022

This month was one of those months were you find a new piece of music and you basically listen to it the entire month. Vega Trails, I love you.

Album of the Month

I discovered this duo this month by total happen chance. Vega Trails is made up of double-bassist and composer Milo Fitzpatrick from Portico Quartet and Jordan Smart from Mammal Hands. The music these two have made in their first album together, Tremors in the Static, is simply magical. I haven't been touched this much by an album in quite some time. The recording if phenomenal, the pieces are passionate, and the range and depth that is created just by the two of them surprises me every time I listen.

They did a filming of this in St Thomas's Church in London, and it equally as fantastic. Here is a video showing a few of the songs.

Song of the Month

A song that specifically stuck out to me this month was Moving by Backwards by SALES. I've been a fan of SALES for a while now and this is their latest single they've recently put out. It's just good indie dreamy pop.

See you next month