Music of the Month - November 2022

November. November just flew by. It was here, and now it's gone already. This last month was a huge focus month for me with lots going on. Typically when I am in focus mode I'm headphones on, head down. This was one of those months. I was all over the place again with music, but here was an album and a song that stuck out to me this month.

Album of the Month

So this album was one that's been on my radar for a while, but I haven't really listened through it much. This month it just stuck for me. The album of the month for me was LOUIE by Kenny Beats. Killer album. It's his first solo project and the mans got skills to go around. Really well produced, dope beats, unique, and just pleasant to listen to. I listened to it while work, while commuting, and even hanging with friends. It just fits with whatever you're doing.

Song of the Month

The song of the month is in part because I was listening to Kenny Beats so much. Typically when I get stuck on someone for a while I branch out to other projects they've worked on or artists they've worked with. One of the many incredibly artists that Kenny has worked with has been Denzel Curry. On his album Melt My Eyez See Your Future he's got this song called Walkin which just gets in your head and stays there. It's the song of the month for me this last month.

See you next month