Music of the Month - October 2022

I missed September. I was on holiday for most of, was traveling quite a bit, and then got sick. Life happens. On to October. This last month I was also all over for music. Honestly no one album really dominated, so I decided to pick one of my favorites that I recently got on vinyl. Enjoy this month.

Album of the Month

There are few bands out there that have had more of an impact on me than This Will Destroy You. I discovered them early on in college and was just floored by the amount of emotion they put into their music and the sheer energy you feel when listening to them. While this album isn't my favorite of theirs it was one I listened to a lot this past month since I ordered it a long time ago to my parents house, but haven't been back to the States to retrieve it for years. Since this last month brought me back to the US, I was finally able to bring it home with me. The album of the month this month is New Others - Part Two. It's definitely an album you'll want to listen to in its entirety and ideally front to back.

Song of the Month

This months "Song of the Month" came by surprise. I came across a song on my weekly Spotify playlist that I really enjoyed. It went on to my seasonal playlist (I make one every season and have been since 2015), and I found myself playing it over an over. When I looked up the band, Casino Versus Japan, I found out he's located less than an hour away from where I grew up in Wisconsin. His song Marilyn Set Me Free is the "Song of the Month" for me this month. Super chill song that sort of makes you feel as if you're floating and grooving all at the same time. I want a full album of this vibe.

See you next month